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School Admissions

Parent Visits

Admissions Policy

The school admits pupils according to the Admissions Policy of the London Borough of Redbridge. Parents of children entering nursery or reception during the main time of September can expect a general parents meeting and open days where parents can visit the school with their children.

The reception children will also be able to make a series of visits prior to admission. Admission to Reception is staggered over several weeks and all summer born children will be admitted at the end of this period on a half day (PM) basis until after the Autumn half term when they will attend all day. Please be aware that admission to nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception, parents need to apply for a Reception place through the Local Authority at the given time.

School Admissions are made via the Redbridge council website.

Admission to year groups R – 6

Applications for year groups Reception – 6 must be made through the Local Authority. Applications will be considered in accordance with the criteria that apply to all primary admissions.

Once your child has been allocated a place and you have told us you are accepting that place, the Headteacher will allocate a class and a start date for your child.

Appeals against Admissions Decisions

The Education Act 1996 allows parents to appeal against any decision made by or on behalf of Redbridge Education Authority about the school at which education is to be provided for a child.

Every effort will be made to meet parental preferences and no appeal to an appeal committee may be lodged before the Authority has made a firm decision. Parents will, where the decision is not in accordance with their preferences’be informed of the date by which they must lodge their appeal.

The Authority will implement the decisions of the appeals committees. Places will continue to be filled from the waiting lists, whether or not parents have appealed, in accordance with the admissions policy.

Arrangements for the Admission of Disabled Pupils

We are an inclusive school.  When children are admitted to school, we interview the parents/ carers to ensure we are as fully informed as possible about any special educational needs.

We also request the child’s academic records from the previous school, if any. Provision for children with special educational needs is made in accordance with our special educational needs policy and accessibility plan.

For a child with a statement, the special educational provision required to meet the child’s needs is specified in the statement. In order to ensure successful inclusion we aim for provision to be in place at the point of admission.


In accordance with the DDA we will take all reasonable steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than other pupils.

Eg a fair and equitable admissions process

An inclusive curriculum

Individual assessments of pupils needs and reasonable steps taken to provide for these needs

Facilities to assist access for pupils with disabilities:

Hygiene room

Disabled toilets

Wheelchair access

Considerations for visual impairment during redecoration

Adjustable seating to computer suite

Specialist ICT equipment

Laptops for named pupils

In the future we intend to:

Consider wheelchair access to all classroms

Provide ongoing training for staff

 Monitor written information to ensure its’ accessibility

Pupils on Role

Current Number of pupils on School Role : 682 April 2021

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