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Staff List


From September 2018, Mrs Webb, headteacher has reduced her hours t0 3 days per week. Miss Elliot + Miss Burfoot will be c0-headteachers jointly in charge of the school on the days Mrs Webb is absent. 

Teachers at Grove

  • Early Years

    Mrs S Hunjan, Nursery Teacher and Year Group Leader

    Miss A Jameson, Reception Teacher

    Mrs M Ahmad, Reception Teacher

  • Years 1 & 2
    Mrs R Johal
    Y1 Class Teacher ,Year Group Leader and Phase Leader
    Mrs R Dibbs
    Y2 Class Teacher 
    Miss K Bridger - Maternity Leave
    Y1 Class Teacher
    Mrs A Charles
    Y2 Class Teacher 
    Miss V Nunes
    Y1 Class Teacher
    Miss T Rajan
    Y2 Class Teacher


    Miss H Leppard
    Y2 Class Teacher and Year Group Leader

  • Years 3-4
    Miss A Scott
    Y3 Class Teacher 

    Miss S Begum
    Y4 Class Teacher and Year Group Leader

    Miss R Grant
    Y3 Class Teacher
    Mr D Campbell-Gayle
    Y4 Class Teacher
    Miss N Fall
    Y3 Class Teacher, Year Group Leader and Phase Leader
    Mrs P Patton
    Y4 Class Teacher

    Mrs K Gadhvi
    Y3 Class Teacher

    Mrs G Makwana
    Y4 Class Teacher
  • Years 5-6
    Mrs C Berbank
    Y5 Class Teacher, Year Group Leader and Phase Leader
    Mrs S Wallace
    Year 6 Class Teacher 
    Miss L Clinton
    Y5 Class Teacher 
    Miss Z Choksi
    Year 6 Class Teacher & Year Group Leader
    Mrs Nadeem
    Y5 Class Teacher 

    Mr D Peynado
    Year 6 Class Teacher 

  • Other Teachers

    Mrs M Leal - SEN Teacher
    Mrs S Goodwin - PE Teacher
    Mrs M Mercer -  PPA Teacher
    Mrs T Khatun - PPA Teacher
    Miss A Scott - Learning and Behaviour Mentor
    Mrs A Begum - PPA Teacher

  • Subject Leader

    Maths - Miss Z Choksi
    Reading - Miss H Leppard
    Writing - Mrs E Carnihan
    Phonics -
    Science - Mrs S Wallace
    Computing - Mr D Campbell-Gayle
    Art & Display - Mrs S Hunjan
    Design Technology - Miss T Rajan
    Geography - Mrs R Dibbs
    History - Miss K Bridger
    E.A.L - Miss L Clinton
    Languages - Mr D Peynado
    Music - Miss A Scott
    P.S.H.E - Mrs J Clancy
    P.E - Mrs S Goodwin
    R.E - Mrs G Makwana

  • Admin Staff

    Mrs P Spencer - Office Manger & Admissions Officer
    Mrs F Madley - Finance Manager
    Mrs K Szewczyk - Welfare/First Aid Office
    Mrs M Simpson - Admin Officer ( 2 Days)
    Mrs E Weaver - Senior Admin Manager
    Miss N Akhtar - Junior Admin Assistant 


  • Technical Staff

    Mr G Levene - Network Manager

  • Premises Staff

    Mr V Suminskas - Premises Manager
    Mr T Potter - Assistant Caretaker

  • Librarian

    Mrs K Feeley

  • Learning Support Assistants

    Mrs K Fisher (Nursery Assistant)
    Mrs V Baker
    Mrs R Jheeta
    Miss G Bowl
    Miss K Kuzyk
    Mrs L Shepherd
    Miss N Kaur
    Miss J Schama
    Miss S Omer 
    Miss J Bonsu
    Mrs M Parkes
    Miss l Sinclair
    Mrs M Suvarna
    Mrs S Vijh
    Mrs E Guclugenc
    Mrs B Gowrea
    Mrs N Joshi

    Mrs M Parkes
    Miss l Sinclair
    Mrs M Suvarna
    Mrs S Vijh
    Mrs E Guclugenc
    Mrs B Gowrea
    Miss N Parmar
    Miss J Soor
    Miss T Limbachiya​


  • Classroom Assistants

    Mrs C Cork
    Mrs E Guardini
    Miss R Khanum
    Mrs A Cadby

  • Art Therapist

    Miss S Bedford

  • Midday Assistants

    Miss Sinclair – Midday supervisor
    Mrs Suthakar – Y6
    Mrs Ely – Y6
    Mrs Unwin – Y5
    Mrs Gallon - Y5
    Mrs Duncombe - Y5
    Mrs Begum - Yr 4
    Miss Smith – Y4
    Mrs Clarke – Y3
    Mrs Feeley – Y3
    Mrs Stewart – Y2
    Mrs Adabasa – Y2
    Mrs Marfy – Maternity Leave
    Mrs Cork – Y1
    Mrs Offord – Y1
    Mrs Woods – R
    Mrs Brown – R
    Mrs Cromar – Dining Room




  • Cleaners

    Mrs L Brown
    Mrs K Kaur
    Mrs C Sargood
    Mrs N Singh
    Mrs B Bassan

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